Real-Time Sportsbook Monitoring With The Live Bet Ticker Screen

One of the most popular services for PPH sportsbook bookies today is available through When it comes to price per head sportsbook services, there are plenty of providers out there, but here, at, we differentiate from the rest by:

  • Offering the best user experience for your players –sporting a modern, bet-slip sportsbook interface that your players would keep coming back to;
  • All the reports and features you need to efficiently run your sportsbook;
  • At the lowest price entry in the industry (only $7 per active player, per week).

Unlike other types of price per head services, we offer all of our clients the most versatile and modern gambling software that is available on the market today.

Ever since the repeal of PASPA last year, the curiosity and popularity for sports betting has risen. Bettors are eager to start playing as soon as possible, and with powerful tools provided by your trusted provider, you can start offering the same experience offshore books can, but with the added benefit of credit, personal service, and trust.

This kind of service never focuses on just one particular type of sports betting. In actuality, it enables all of your bettors to place wagers on virtually every major sporting event, in addition to horse racing and over 90 different Las Vegas-style casino games as well.

Additionally, wagers can also be, to the control of the agent, placed on an extended selection of exhotic betting lines such as politics, celebrity awards shows, and reality television programs.’s gambling application allows bookies to provide something for practically every single player, which, as a result, will not only increase your client base, but will also draw current clients into newer interests as well – both of which will bring more money into your pocket!

Real-time Sportsbook Agent Reports

The services provided by makes it extremely easy for sports betting agents to maintain total control over their own gambling business with powerful features and insightful reports to monitor every aspect of your operation.

This includes a wide variety of real time player reports, which show betting agents exactly what their players are placing wagers on, the amount of those wagers, and more.

Furthermore, the risk management team also assists price per head bookies with weeding out bettors who are not desirable and don’t fit into the overall package while, at the same time, keeping those players who are completely satisfied with what you are offering.

Live Bet Ticker: Monitor your sportsbook in Real-Time

The Live Bet Ticker allows you to not only quickly scan your online sportsbook’s exposure, but also be on top of the action in real-time.

Another great gambling option that is offered for bookies to implement free of charge is referred to as the Live Bet Ticker.

The Live Bet Ticker lets you know whenever a selected player places a wager that is above a certain amount of money. This kind of control will certainly allows you to remain in the driver’s seat of your sportsbook and control your risk at all times.

This feature consists of a screen that updates in real time as new bets are received on your online sportsbook.

All columns shown are sortable. By clicking on the column header you can sort by ascending or descending order, which tends to be very helpful on multiple cases:

  • Find the wager with the highest or lowest Risk amount by sorting the “Risk” column.
  • Find the most recent, or oldest ticket placed by sorting the “Placed” (time) column.
  • Identify which wagers are putting your sportsbook at the highest risk by sorting, in descending order, the “To Win” column.
  • Sort the “Player” column, to quickly find a player username alphabetically.

Besides the sorting options, there are a several filtering settings that helps you focus only on the information you want to see. We will discuss those in depth in a little bit.

The Live Bet Ticker also uses sounds and colors to help you identify the amount of every wager placed, and therefore, keep a close watch on the exposure of your book.

Color coding and sound notifications

The “Setup Amount by Color” screen allows you to easily set colors and enable or disable sounds based on the amount of the wager placed.

From this setup screen you can decide colors and sounds based on the amount of the tickets to be place. You can enable or disable sounds, and choose the limits for each sound and color.

Not all bookies have the same action threshold on their sportsbook. Some may be used to receive a lot of $25 to a $100 wagers, others receive higher amounts per ticket. Because of this we have made the Live Ticker feature as customizable as possible to fit every type of sports betting agent out there.

Once you know what type of action your sportsbook is receiving, you can then for example, adjust your lines by a few points to balance your book out; apply more restrictive limits to the sport, wager type (straight, parlay, teaser, if-bets, reverses), or simply continue monitoring for future bets that can put your book at higher risk. If necessary you can even take down the game off the board, to prevent further action on it.

You can always apply more restrictive wager limits to your book to control your exposure on certain sports or wager types.

Filter Options: The Player and Wager Configuration Screen

Filter Players

If you want to focus on the action coming from only certain players, click the “player filter” button. A drop down menu will appear showing you the list of players under you agent account. Remove the checkmark next to each player username who’s action you don’t want to be displayed on the main Live Ticker Screen.

Filter sub-agents

If you have one or more sub-agents under your mater agent account, you can filter their player’s action by leaving the checkmark enabled next to their respective agent username.

Only the wagers corresponding to the players under the selected sub-agent(s) will be shown on the Live Ticker screen.

Filter Wager types:

Our price per head sportsbook gives you the ability to offer your players multiple betting options. The most common and sought-after wager types are included and fully integrated on both the desktop and mobile application.

Wager types available:

  • Straight Bets
  • Parlay
  • Teasers
  • Round Robin
  • If Win Only
  • If Win or Tie
  • Win Reverse
  • Action Reverse

Of course, you have the final saying of which of these wager types you choose to offer to your players. Remember, when you decide to work with us as your price per head provider, you remain in control of your business, we simply facilitate all the tools you need to run it.

The wager types filter, gives you the option to only see the wager types that most interest you. For instance, if you want to focus on parlay bets, only leave the “parlays” checkbox selected and click the “save” button. The main Live Bet Ticker screen updates showing only parlay plays that come in.

Filter Sports

Use the “filter by sport” option, of the Live Ticker application, to monitor the amount of action you are receiving per sport.

These filter options really allow to see past the noise and focus on certain segments of your sportsbook. Which, as a result, allows you to take better decisions moving forward.

Based on this information, you can then use our “wager limits” screen, to lower these limits, right from within your agent website.

One of the most common adjustments a sports betting agent can make, is to lower his sportsbook’s exposure by changing the max wager limits. That’s why our price per head platform allows you to easily edit wager limits per sport or wager type.

Quickly change max wagers per sport, game or wager type.

At any time you can go back to these filter options and adjust them, without losing any information on the main screen. In other words, all tickets placed from the moment you first opened the Live ticker window are still going to be there. They will simply be hidden while the filter is active.


Useful features for our sportsbook agents isn’t the only thing that makes us stand out from the crowd. We also pride ourselves in possessing a knowledgeable and respectful customer service team as well – in fact, one of the best in the entire sports betting industry!

Now it’s your turn to take the Live Bet Ticker for a test drive, request a FREE DEMO account of our price per head sportsbook services today!

Do you have any questions about how our services work? Are you looking for a particular feature or service? let us know what you need to get started. We will assist you in every step of the way, at your own pace.

Whether you are a rookie sports betting agent or a seasoned bookie operator, you can rest assured our services will deliver. The control you enjoy is a key advantage PPH sportsbook owners have over Credit betting agents.

Leave a comment here, visit our website and use the chat box or email messaging to get in touch with us.

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